News and Events

A Corona Virus lyric was created by our Okinawa Tomono Kai of Ohio Ladies and Performed by a lady from the Chicago Kinjinkai

Article from the Okinawa Times Newspaper

Shuri Jo Donation Form
Please print this form then mail it in with a donation to help us rebuild the Shuri Castle.
  Shuri Castle Donation request letter and Form

25th Anniversary Celebration

Due to the Corona Virus the 25th anniversary has been delayed until June of 2021.

2020  Picnic
Due to the Corona Virus the 2020 picnic has been cancelled.

Officers of the Tomono Kai

Kazumi Makowski – President
Karl Kortlandt – Vice President
Alice Wickham – Accountant
Yoko McClusky – Secretary
Satoko Kortlandt – Entertainment Coordinator
Chikako FeldVice Entertainment Chief

Hideko Moore, Andy Lizon, June McVey, Tomoko Welde 

Goodwill Ambassador
June McVey

About Tom

40th MAPS, 87th APS and 355 TAS
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1 Response to News and Events

  1. Barbara Newbill says:

    Konnichiwa! I am Barbara Newbill (nee Rumi Ikehara), a member of the Indiana Okinawa Club. My parents (Isao and Nobuko Ikehara) are members of the Los Angeles club. He is very much interested in obtaining the lyrics and the sanshin notations so that he can also perform the “Corona Bushi.”
    My father’s email is
    Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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