Annual Events

Okinawa Tomono Kai of Ohio

Spring Celebration

Celebrates the New Year and the coming of spring.
Haru no Tsudoi   春の集い

  • Includes a pot luck luncheon
  • A short business meeting
  • Performances of traditional and contemporary dances
  • Check newsletter for dates and location

The spring festival normally is held at the Capital City Church.  The church is about 300 feet west of the Tensuke Market at 1290 Old Henderson Road.  Guests are welcome.  Please ask your friends or neighbors to join us for the festival.

Columbus Ohio – Asian Festival

  • Held at Franklin Park Columbus, Ohio
  • Memorial Day weekend
  • Our Kai members routinely perform at this festival.


Okinawa Tomonokai of Ohio Picnic and Eisa

  • Held at at Highbanks Park
  • Includes a pot luck luncheon
  • A short business meeting
  • Honor the spirits of our ancestors with music and dancing
  • Check newsletter for dates and location

Eisa (エイサー Eisa) is a form of folk dance to the people of the Ryukyu Islands.  Eisa performances are concentrated around lunar  mid-July. This is a centuries-long tradition, to mark the end of the Obon Festival.

Obon (お盆?) or just Bon (盆) is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed spirits of one’s ancestors.  This Buddhist custom has evolved into a family reunion holiday during which people return to ancestral family places and visit and clean their ancestors’ graves, and then the spirits of ancestors are supposed to revisit the household altars.  It has been celebrated in Okinawa for more than 500 years and traditionally includes a dance, known as Bon-Odori.

World Uchinanchu Day(WUD)

Date – October 30th of each year

This event celebrates Uchinanchu culture. It includes a get together and performances. 2016 was the 1st WUD. In 2018, the Tomono Kai of Ohio celebrated the 3rd WUD. We hosted 5 special guests from Okinawa. They helped us with dynamic Eisa.

2 Responses to Events

  1. Grace says:

    Do you know the exact date for the New Year celebration? I am currently studying at Capital University but I am from Indiana and I am 25% Okinawan. In Indiana, I grew up going to the kenjinkai’s and the kenjinkai in Indiana is on a date that I will still be in Ohio (since gas costs a lot, I will not be able to attend). I was hoping that I would be able to attend this celebration if school has not ended before the date! Thank you!

    • sail2camp says:

      Hi Grace,

      I have been to two Spring Celebrations in Indianapolis. I was there last year. My wife danced.

      We welcome you to attend. We are in the process of putting together the program and getting a list of people who plan to attend. I am going to give your into to our event planning team. Can you email your full name address and phone number to Then we can send to you the registration form.

      Our 20th anniversary will be in May 30th. It will start around 11 AM.

      Tom McVey

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