Our Founders

Okinawa Tomonokai of Ohio
By Richard Butsko May, 2011

As we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Okinawa Tomonokai of Ohio, let us also celebrate and reflect on our history.   It is our members that have made our history and as we continue to have success by the involvement and efforts of our membership, the Okinawa Tomonokai of Ohio will continue to thrive.   In 1994 our Founders Hatsue Butsko, Miki Larson, Nobuko Leone and Sachi Parker got together to discuss the possibility of an Okinawa Kai in Ohio.   Contact with the Cleveland area Uchinanchu followed.

1994 Our founders make plans to establish an Ohio Kai with an EISA/Picnic and a New Year Celebration for the purpose to have our Okinawan culture and traditions be active in Ohio and also to be able to share our Uchinanchu activities in Ohio with family and friends in Okinawa.

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