World Uchinanchu Day

October 27, 2018  The World Uchinanchu Day

At the closing ceremony of the 2016 World Uchinanchu Festival — a massive, global “homecoming” for the descendants of Okinawan immigrants — Okinawa Prefecture Governor Takeshi Onaga announced that Oct. 30 would henceforth be declared as World Uchinanchu Day (WUD). The idea was proposed by Andres Higa and Tadashi Andres Ysa Urbina, third-generation Okinawan descendants from Argentina and Peru, respectively.  Our Tomono Kai will celebrate WUD on October 27th.

Date : (Sat) October 27, 2018
Time: Noon Doors Open
Time: 1 pm Performances Start
Time 3 pm Performances Finish

Capital City Church
1290 Old Henderson Road
Columbus, Ohio 43220

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Special Guest Daiichi Harata

Daiichi Hirata Videos

Daiichi performing in Hawaii.

Daiichi during visit to USA in September, 2018.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great excitement and anticipation that I inform you of a very special guest who will be attending our World Uchinanchu Day Celebration. Mr. Daiichi Hirata will be coming from Okinawa as part of the 2018 Okinawa Performing Arts Instructor Dispatch Program. This program has been established by the Okinawan government to help establish a World Uchinanchu Day within overseas communities.

Mr. Hirata is quite famous in Okinawa and known for his works that promote Okinawan culture to the outside world. He has many accolades under his belt including being a theater director, playwright, poet, and community activist. He will be attending with other preforming arts delegates to discuss and teach both our Uchinanchu community and friends of Okinawan culture who choose to attend. The belief is that a true Uchina Network does not mean a network comprised solely of Uchinanchu people, but of all people who enjoy the culture and arts of Okinawa and wish to be connected to Okinawa. It is the hope of this delegation that such people lead to the further strengthening of this network.  In addition, Moromizato Eisa Instructors Kohei Sunagawa, Renta Irei, Yu Hanashiro will be visiting us in Ohio and instructing our Tomono Kai of Ohio Moromizato Eisa performers.

Here is a little information about Mr. Hirata

  • He is the former Foundation Okinawa Prefecture Culture Promotion Association President.
  • He was the original Okinawa Prefecture Culture and Tourism Sports Division Director.
  • He’s had several major publications including;
    “Poems South Island Poet (1994 / TomiTaki creation), ”
    “Walk Poet (2000 / TomiTaki creation).”
    “Kimutaka! ~ Stage comes carrying Genki (2008 / aspect, Inc.).”
    “South Wind Blowin ‘in the Sea Breeze (2008 / Kankishuppan) ”
    “Dialogue of the island (2009) South bran islands (2016) both Written by: border Inc.
  • He’s had several major awards including;
    Okinawa Island revitalization Award (1996 / Okinawa Prefecture)
    42nd Takehiko Kurushima Cultural Award (2002 / Japan Youth Culture Center)
    Ryukyu Shimpo Activity Award (2005 / Ryukyu Shimpo)
  • As a member of the prefectural government he;
    Held a Cabinet Office as an Okinawa Promotion Council Committee member.
    Served as the Chairman of the Okinawa Promotion Council Committee / tourism and exchange
    Served as a Committee member to the Okinawa Prefecture Culture and Arts Promotion Council
    Served as a Committee Member to the Okinawa World Cultural Heritage Preservation Committee
    Foundation Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts Foundation Councilor
  • In local government he has been a committee member to;
    Yomitan brand improvement Committee
    Katsuren Castle planning committee for developing cultural tourist facilities in the area.
  • In regards to cultural relations he’s been involved with;
    Modern version Kumiodori “Oniwashi ~ Ryukyu OSho Tomoekokorozashi Den ~” General Director
    Modern version Kumiodori “Demon Musashi ~ TADAMOTO Chumoto ~” Screenplay, director
    World Acer Games General Producer (former tournament chairman)
    Kuru Chinomori 100-year project in Yomitan Largest support people
    How to Song project (Kazufumi Miyazawa supervision CD-BOX production representative.
    Modern version Kumiodori Promotion Council General Counsel
    Prefecture production three-wire popular brand Committee member
    Kinki Nippon Tourist Okinawa cultural projects Planning and Promotion Advisor