Junior Study 2020

Dear Tomono Kai Members, 
We received the below email about the 2020 Junior Study Program.  If you are interested in learning more about this program.  Please contact me or any officer of the Tomono Kai.

Application Deadline – Due to Okinawa
Friday, February 21, 2020 strictly enforced

We hope some of our members are interested in this program. It will take a few days to review your application and to write a recommendation for you. We will need you to talk with us to let us know of your interest by February 7th.  Then together we will complete all the forms and mail out on the 14th of February.

Kazumi Makowski

Dear Overseas Kenjinkai President,

I hope this finds you well.

My name is Nakamura from the Okinawa Prefecture International Exchange Division, overseeing the Uchina Junior Study program. This e-mail is to notify you that the application period for overseas participants and youth leaders for the 2020 Uchina Junior Study has begun. The Uchina Junior Study program invites overseas youths of Okinawan descent to Okinawa to learn more about it while spending time with local students.

We encourage you to read through the attached Application Guidelines and offer recommendations for youths in your kenjinkai.  Note that overseas participants and overseas youth leaders differ in the following.  Overseas participants have never participated in Uchina Junior Study (or Junior Study Tour). Overseas youth leaders have participated in either the Uchina Junior Study or Junior Study Tour in the past.

Due to the Tokyo Olympics, the schedule greatly differs from past years. Please be aware that the deadline has also been scheduled earlier. If the attached files are corrupted, they may also be downloaded from Okinawa Prefecture’s website.



Attached documents

Uchinanchu Junior Study 00-00 2020 Letter

Uchinanchu Junior Study 00-01 2020 schedule

2020 Uchina Junior Study Overseas Participants Application Guidelines

Uchinanchu Junior Study 00-02 2020UJS-Guidelines-English

 ・Form 1          Recommendation Form

Uchinanchu Junior Study 01 2020UJS-Form1-English

 ・Form 2          Overseas Participant Application Form

Uchinanchu Junior Study 02 2020UJS-Form2-English

 ・Form 3          Essay (subject: identity as an Uchinanchu)

Uchinanchu Junior Study 03 2020UJS-Form3-English

・2020 Uchina Junior Study Overseas Youth Leader Application Guidelines

Uchinanchu Junior Study 00-02 2020UJS-Guidelines-leader-English

 ・Form 4          Recommendation Form

Uchinanchu Junior Study 04 2020UJS-Form4-English

 ・Form 5          Overseas Youth Leader Application Form

Uchinanchu Junior Study 05 2020UJS-Form5-English

 ・Form 6          Essay (subject: necessary things for the development and expansion of the Uchina Network)

Uchinanchu Junior Study 06 2020UJS-Form6-English

海外沖縄県人会会長 様





















 ・様式1 推薦書

 ・様式2 海外参加候補者申込書

 ・様式3 作文 課題:ウチナーンチュとしてのアイデンティティーについて


 ・様式4 推薦書

 ・様式5 海外青年リーダー候補者申込書

 ・様式6 作文 課題:ウチナーネットワークの継承・拡大に必要なこと

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