President 会長 – Kazumi Makowski

Officer-105-KazumiHello everyone.  It’s been great to serve you as president although I am still learning something new at each event.  I was born and raised in Naha city.  I’m married to my husband, Terry for 27 years and have a son, Jesse who is very interested in Okinawan music and culture especially the Sanshin and the Eisa drum.  Let’s dance, let’s sing and let’s carry our culture to next generation!

Vice President 副会長 – Karl Kortlandt

Trustee-105-Karl  My relationship with Okinawa started in 1971 when I was stationed at Camp Kui base in the medical laboratory of the hospital.  Satoko and I met there because she was also working as a medical laboratory technician.  After a few months she agreed to marry me and we were married in December 1972.  When we met she was studying Okinawan Folk Dance and from the start I loved to watch her group practice and perform.  I am happy to help the Ohio Tomonokai to keep the heritage of Okinawa alive here in Ohio and in future generations.

Treasurer – Yoshiko Burgan since 2013
Assistant Treasure 2012-2013

Officer-105-YoshikoHello, I was born in Gushikawa, which is about 7 kilo meters east of Kadena AFB.  I sang in a choir while I lived in Okinawa.  After graduating from high school, I worked at White Beach, then later at a tailor shop.  I also did some accounting.  I worked at a Toshiba factory in mainland Japan making TV tubes.  I grew up with three brothers and five sisters.  One of my sisters lives in Chicago and another sister lives in Oregon.  I have been a past trustee with the Tomonokai and have worked several years at the Asian Festival to support the Kai.  I have been involved with the planning for picnics and I have also teamed to others to make Eisa uniforms.

Assistant Treasurer – Richard Burgan since 2013
Treasurer 2011-2012

Officer-105-RichI spent 5 years in Okinawa from 1971 to 1976 and have returned to visit a number of times since.  I met my wife Yoshiko in 1973 and we married a little over a year later.  We have lived in Ohio since 1976, the first 26 years in the Akron area, and now in the Columbus area.  Originally I went to Okinawa to provide technical support for Secretary Kissinger’s 1971 and President Nixon’s 1972 trips to China.  After that, I stayed on for the reversion of Okinawa to Japan and shutdown of the USARYIS command.  It was a privilege to meet many Okinawans and learn about their wonderful culture of peace.  I still have many friends in Okinawa and look forward to every visit.

Entertainment Coordinator – Satoko Kortlandt since 2011

Officer-105-SatokoMy name is Satoko Somei Kortlandt.  I am from Kitadaito Island.  I graduated from business school.  I then trained for three years and became a lab technician.  While working at the U.S. Army Hospital in Okinawa, I met my future husband, Karl Kortlandt.  We have been married since 1972.  We have two daughters and two grandsons.  I am working at the hospital in Tiffin as a phlebotomist in the laboratory.  I am planning to retire in 2013.  After my retirement, I plan to enjoy spending more time with our grandchildren.  I also like to perform a variety of Okinawan dances.  I love Okinawan dance and folk songs.  I enjoy teaching the wonderful Okinawan cultures and traditions to our daughters and grandsons.

Secretary 書記  Tom McVey since 2011

Officer-105-Tom July 2013Hi everyone.  My wife June (Kazuko) and I have three sons and a daughter.  I have been to Okinawa several times since 1997.  I have in-laws in Okinawa and enjoy my visits to Okinawa.  We visit with the family and enjoy the traditions of Okinawa.  I have been to most of the major parts of the island of Okinawa.  I am also the publisher for the Kai newsletter and member directory.  I retired from the USAF as a 36 year reservist.  I am involved with the 40th MAPS, 87 APS and the Buckeye Wing Associations.  I truly enjoy seeing all of the Kai members and uchinanchu at our events.

Communications Coordinator – June (Kazuko) McVey since 2011
Vice President 2006-2009

Officer-105-JuneHi, I was born in Futenma, Okinawa.  I grew up with three brothers and a sister.  After attending business school, I became a data entry team leader at Camp Foster.  I was married in 1975 and moved to the US in 1977.  I settled in Cincinnati Ohio in 1980.  It was my pleasure to be a vice president for the Kai during 2007-2010.  I am currently the Kai communication coordinator since 2011.  I enjoy performing traditional Okinawan dances.  I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.

Trustee Richard Marang since July 2013
Trustee in 2011

Trustee-105-Murang, Richard 2013, JuneHi,  I have been involved with the Kai since 1995.  My wife, Suzy and I were attending meetings before the Kai became established.  Our children and grandchildren attend Kai events and we all enjoy our Okinawan heritage and culture.  As trustee, I look forward to helping the Kai and the officers.

I joined the marines in 1960 and in 1962, I was stationed in Okinawa. This was my home station.  I returned to the States in April of 1964 and then returned to Okinawa in September of 1964. I was stationed off the coast of Vietnam and served on these ships: USS Mount McKinley, USS Colonial, USS Vancouver, USS Thomaston, USS Washtenaw County and USS Pickaway.  In April of 1965, soon after I arrived back from these tours; Suzi and I were married.  We did not have the price of a movie between us that day.  I served in combat in Vietnam From 7 July 1965 to 29 April 1966 I became the Artillery Operations Chief For Echo Battery 2Bn. 12th. Marines 3rd. Mar. Div. after the V.C. motar attack 21 Feb. 1966.  I  was then transferred to the Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) in September of 1967 as a Sgt E-5 and discharged from the Marine Corps as a SSgt. E-6 in July 1970.

I took the State of Ohio Surveyor’s Exams in May of 1971.  I passed both of the exams and then carried this professional license until I retired in 2009.

Prior Officers 

President 会長 – Hideko Moore  2011-2013

Officer-105-Hideko Hai sai!  I am honored to serve as your President.  It will be an especially busy year as we prepare for upcoming events.  It will be nice to see all my friends again as we get together to celebrate.  I attended the 5th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival with my husband and grandson.  I also, look forward to having all generations of Uchinaanchu work together to teach, learn and take great pride in our Okinawan heritage. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

Entertainment Coordinator – Sachi Parker  2011-2013

Officer-105-SachiHai Sai! O-genki deska

I was born in Ishigaki City, Yaeyama, a place where history and culture are cherished.  There are many historic relics and cultural treasures on this island.  I have been married to my husband Charlie since 1960.  We have two sons and five grandchildren.  They are precious in my life.  I like gardening, reading and listening to music. I’m one of the founding members of this Kai and will now concentrate my efforts as Entertainment Coordinator.  Dozo Yoroshiku Onegaishimas.  Let’s bring up the Okinawa spirits.  Hiya Mikachi!!


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